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Pk's pie fail

Never try to make a pumpkin pie at 11pm at night while exhausted.

A pumpkin pie burned black and crusty on top

There was a Thanksgiving potluck at work today (USA Thanksgiving is weekend after next) and I attempted to make sure there would be at least one gluten-free dessert available. Clearly I shouldn't have bothered.

A pumpkin pie with the blackened top scraped off, revealing chunky insides and a raw bottom crust

The bottom crust was raw.

When Shashigai checked the oven afterwards, it was set to "warm". Judging by the pie and the smoke, what I actually did was broil it for 45 minutes. I must have been too asleep on my feet to even notice that when I took the pie out, I changed it from broil to warm.

A falling-apart slice of pumpkin pie, with the burned part scraped off the top, frying in a skillet

Shashigai is currently frying a piece to see if that will make the bottom crust edible. My hopes are not high.



Nov. 25th, 2013 01:30 pm (UTC)
I think my other thanksgiving fail would give this one a run for the money. This was in the late 90s (no pics because - gasp - facebook hadn't been invented! and digital cameras cost around $400). My partner (not Pk) and I were making the thanksgiving turkey when somehow the pan got too dry. Put a cup of water in, I said. There was a sound like a shot and then a metallic clang, which was the turkey falling onto the oven rack (It was a big one). She had poured the cold water all at once onto the hot GLASS pan.
Even pyrex can't survive some things.


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